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Top Private Yoga Instructor Announces Her First Ever by Donation Community Class in East Hampton.

Tonia D’Angelo Slade is a gifted and intuitive yogi having studied over 1500+ hours with the most reputable yoga centers in the Hamptons and NYC. She has earned her celebrated reputation with both the A-list and locals through her continual spiritual growth and knowledge of the body which she generously shares with all who come to seek her out. Tonia stands out for her clarity, thoughtfulness, and preparedness. She brings all the positive knowledge that she has garnered over 25 years of study in Yoga, Holistic Nutrition, Reiki, and Aromatherapy to her public classes in East Hampton, her private personal or group classes, and her carefully planned retreats.

Tonia strives to live her life according to the core values she teaches and her genuine desire to help all those she encounters. She is disciplined and uses her healing talents for the highest intention and infuses positive energy into all of her relationships and her teaching practice.

Tonia with her husband Jarvis (a Saunders licensed real estate sales person) her children and their Arf Rescue Dog “Bear” thrive in every aspect of the abundant natural beauty of the South Fork. Her students float on the calm she inspires and creates when she serves the community at her by donation only classes. These community classes are a chance for every-body to experience her healing touch and teachings which are transforming , but not necessarily easy.

Tonia has an extraordinary gift to halt the churning mental chaos of the mind to connect to that inner light and peace and unearth the potential each person has for transformation. She brings years of life experience and training in multiple disciplines to anyone she works with -a rare combination of talent and commitment. She is grateful everyday for the opportunity to serve and encourage open heartedness, presence and a willingness for her students to love themselves as well as the world around them.

Tonia is available for private or group yoga or meditation instruction on the beach or in your home. contact

And one can experience her classes Sunday at 10:00 am when she is offering a by donation community class. Tonia’s public class is held at Mark Tuthill’s Martial spacious over 2,000 square foot Martial arts center at 37 Three Mile Harbor in East Hampton.

Tonia has been featured in books and publications, and fitness videos such as NY Times, “Fit with Bobby Flay”, “I can’t Believe it’s Yoga for Pregnancy and After”, Whole living Magazine and “The Sweet Life” by top-chef Sam Talbot.

As one of her A-list friends and clients testifies:

“Tonia is a gift in our lives. She brings joy, wisdom, healing and peace, both because she’s such a skilled and deeply committed teacher of yoga, and simply because of who she is as a person. And most importantly, I’m so proud—and moved and grateful—to call her my friend.”
Mariska Hargitay


Tonia is available to book Yoga Privates.
She teaches in NYC and the Hamptons
Please contact her at